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Lyn7 3 days ago

Fettuccine con Bascilico

Why am I just hearing about this gem of an Italian restaurant? This family-owned and operated restaurant has been around since the early 1950s and serves up some amazingly delicious Sicilian dishes. We had the fettuccine con Bascillico with chicken and fettuccine Genovese with meatball. What better way to finish the meal than with tiramisu and a blackberry gelato star dipped in chocolate.

Chmartinez about 1 month ago


My lasagna was delicious as always! You can't find a better lasagna or better staff than here! You won't be disappointed!

Truckergump about 2 months ago

Fresh - Fresh

I added chicken and it was amazing. All of their food is. But as much as the food, its also the staff that keeps you coming back. They make you feel like you are part of the family. Friendly and knowledgable with the menu. I am a 4th generation from Orange so I've been coming here since I was young, but whether it's your first time or not, Risorante Genovese will always make you feel at home.

Bebivens about 2 months ago

Chicken Cacciatore

Have been to dinner at Ristorante Genovese since I was a child. Ristorante Genovese is one of my favorite restaurants of all time—it is the B-E-S-T Restaurant ever. I had the Chicken Cacciatore the other day & it is so scrumptious. The flavors are wonderful! I really appreciate fine dining and excellent service as well- that made my evening so enjoyable. The customers are wonderful as well. Thank you Ristorante Genovese!

Cathy Ahoy about 2 months ago

Half and Half

I think Genovese knew there were people like me who just can't decide what to have for lunch, so they put Half & Half on the menu! It's the perfect choice when you want delicious handmade ravioli and and little something extra — a generous side of spaghetti! A glass of ice tea and some toasted garlic bread...yum!! Take a jar of Gramma Genovese's Spaghetti Sauce home for dinner!

Paula.Beckman about 2 months ago

Homemade Cakes & Tiramisu

I never knew how much I loved tiramisu until I ate it here. It is so light and creamy. It is the perfect dessert after a hearty Italian meal.

Suzette1162 about 2 months ago

Chicken or Veal Milanese

This dish is the best! The meat is high quality and is cooked perfectly with a side of their spaghetti and special homemade spaghetti sauce that can't be beat. Served with their tasty hot bread and the service here is impeccable.

Cathy Ahoy 2 months ago

Chicken Portobello

The smell of the garlic, and vodka; the totally beautiful presentation are nothing compared to the taste of the chicken buried underneath. A delicious pasta accompaniment and the green beans just make the whole experience like heaven in your mouth! Trust me, you won't be the same once you devour this! Add a Sidecar from the bar, just for fun! ( on Thirsty Thursdays it's $8!!)

Cathy Ahoy 2 months ago

Grilled Chicken and Veggie Salad

I've been a regular diner at Genovese for years, enjoying all my usual favorite pasta dishes and a much-needed glass of Merlot. Who would have thought a "salad" would become my new favorite! You simply must try this summery dish, with your favorite Genovese dressing — blue cheese for me! The chilled grilled veggies under a delicious warm grilled chicken breast...and a glass of Chardonnay...and you've gone to Infinity, add their famous garlic bread and it will send you to Beyond! ❤️

Nled9910 3 months ago

Cheese Ravioli

The Cheese Ravioli was amazing, but what made the experience unforgettable was when Al brought everyone in our party a gift. I got a Pink light up rose and still have it to this day. You feel like family while you are there. RIP Al you will be truly missed.

W6iw 10 days ago

Chicken Parmigiana

It was the best ever. The sauce had a excellent flavor. The Spaghetti was done to perfection. I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone.

Cathy Ahoy about 2 months ago


My husband enjoyed the lasagna the other night...he said it is the best he's ever had. He's tried it in dozens of other Italian restaurants and he's old, so if he says it's the best, believe him! He loved the ricotta and fresh mozzarella, but the meat sauce was what really made it special. He says he's ordering it every time we come to Genovese now!

Paula about 2 months ago

Baked Eggplant Parmigiana

Boy was this a tasty dish! I love eggplant parmigiana, and this certainly didn't disappoint. Giant portion too. I would easily order it again.

Cathy Ahoy about 2 months ago

Cheese Pizza

This review is for lunch pizza and late night pizza...which I had in one day! I brought my two grandkids in for a much enjoyed pepperoni pizza lunch on our way to the movies, over the Christmas holidays. They loved it and asked if we could stop again on the way home and get another one. So we did! Thank you, Toni for treating them so special. We will come again this summer with them for a double pizza day! Best pizza around!

Paula.Beckman about 2 months ago


1) If you've never had gnocchi, then you should definitely get some, 2) if you've never had Genovese gnocchi, then you're totally missing out. I had this dish with their tomato cream sauce. It's my favorite! I wish it was on their everyday menu, but it is made with such care that I completely understand why it is only made once a week. I extremely recommend this dish the next time you go in!

Paula.Beckman about 2 months ago


It's my go to appetizer and some of the best bruschetta I've ever had.

Martinez.Adrienne 2 months ago

Chicken Parmigiana

Hands down, the best Chicken Parm! The breaded chicken is not greasy, the pasta and red sauce and side salad go perfect. Large portion of food. Keep half for lunch the next day so you have room for the tiramisu. And don't forget the house Chianti!

Cathy Ahoy 2 months ago

Porterhouse Steak Sicilian

Seriously. Would you ever think the best steak around comes from an Italian restaurant with a menu filled with dozens of delicious specialty pasta dishes? Well, it's Genovese' best kept secret, but I'm here to tell you the secret's out! The Sicilian Porterhouse — with its side of green beans and spaghetti — it will hook you in and make you a believer!

Suzette1162 2 months ago

Linguini Carbonara

This is the best and tastiest carbonara I have ever found at a restaurant. I highly recommend this dish. Pasta is cooked perfect and sauce is the best.

Guest 3 months ago

Pizza - Three Items

This best pizza I ever had??